Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is fast becoming the standard choice of emitter with most new build and renovation projects.

Compared to a traditional radiator system, Underfloor Heating is designed to run at much lower temperatures, saving money on heating running costs. This makes Underfloor Heating the perfect heat emitter for any heat pump.

Underfloor Heating is usually installed on top of insulation boards and embedded in a floor screed. An important factor to consider with any Underfloor Heating system is floor coverings such as tiles, wood floor or carpet. A thick carpet could affect the transfer of heat at a slower rate, compared to that of a tile. Therefore we would take this into account at the design stage to ensure an equal transfer of heat in each room.

We offer quality underfloor heating systems at competitive prices for both supplying the materials and the installation.

If underfloor heating is not an option for you, radiator sizing is critical when you are installing a heat pump. We provide a detailed heat loss calculation and the required radiator output you will need for every room based on your specific design, which we can also supply and install.

If you're a heating professional looking for advice on sizing radiators for any heat pump, please call us on 01978 228110 or email us info@heatsourceenergy.co.uk.